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Rainbow Aircraft is a manufacture of 3 axis microlight aircraft, Ultra Light Aircraft and Trikes.

By Steve Alison and Athol Franz – extracted from African Pilot, March 2009

Vladimir, who grew up in Russia has accumulated 5500 hours which 75 hours were recorded flying an L-39 Russian Jet trainer between 1974 and 1976. He was attached to the Soviet Union's Hi Jet military school and was one of the first students who flew solo in the L-39. Before flying solo Vladimir spent a minimum of 17 hours with his instructor.

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This was considered a remarkable achievement as the L-39 was a new aircraft type at the time. After leaving the Russian Air Force, Vladimir spent some 'crazy years' where he flew anything with wings including hang gliders and Trikes. In those days in the Ukraine, the pilots taught themselves to fly with little or no instruction.

Vladimir came to South Africa in 1994 for pleasure and stayed for business. He fell in love with the country, which he has adopted as his home. He joined Mike Blyth's company Rainbow Aircraft I the Aero Trike business in that year. Eventually in 2002 Vladimir bought the business from Mike and established what is now one of the most successful aircraft factories in South Africa.



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Rainbow Aircraft South Africa

Company: Rainbow Aircraft (Pty) Ltd - OEM
Tel: +27 11 817 2298
Cell: +27 82 829 0737
Fax: +27 11 817 2297
Physical Address: Hangar 28, Springs Airfield,Olympia Rd, Dal Fouche Springs Gauteng
Postal Address: P.O. Box 3408 Dalview Gauteng 1544

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